Has properties that act as an immune boost for rabbits. It contains Geraniol and Rosmarinic acid that work to protect against tumors and carcinogens. It's also anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial, helping rabbits to protect against infections.

Storage instructions: Please store in an airtight food-safe container, in a cool dark place.  Can also be refrigerated. 

Oregano is not toxic to guinea pigs, but it should not be fed due to its extremely high calcium levels.

RECOMMENDED FEEDING INSTRUCTiONS: Rabbits can have 1 to 2 stems of oregano with leaves or 2 tbs on any given day. Can be sprinkled over hay to promote foraging!

If you're unsure whether or not your companion is able to consume this herb, please double check with your veterinarian!

Amount: 4oz (1/2 cup)