Blue Moon Blend


Digestion Blend

Size: 1 Cups


  • Mint
  • Chamomile
  • Raspberry Leaf
  • Plantain Leaf
  • Comfrey

Herbs and flowers make a great foraging tool to keep your furry companion entertained and mentally stimulated.
We recommend adding this blend to your little foot's hay, snuffle or foraging mat to keep them exploring!
Adding a forage blend to your furry companion's diet can also promote a higher hay consumption.

Our herbs and blends have no pesticides or preservatives and are derived from reputable organic sources.

Please remember that our herbs and foraging blends are only meant to be used a few times a week as a treat and shouldn't replace a little foot's hay and pellets. It is best to first start out with a teaspoon or 2 at a time to ensure your companion's toleration.

Herbs are only for furry companions over 6 months of age. Certain herbs are not safe to provide a nursing or lactating mama so please refrain from feeding any herb or blend to them for their own safety!

Make sure to take a quick look at our herbs and blends guidelines for some safe and helpful tips!

Note - Image of blends are just a reference to the herbs within it. Does not reflect amount and or look, as the blend will be mixed.